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To love as Christ loves, is to feel as Christ feels, to hurt as Christ hurts, and to obey as Christ obeys; it is not an easy task to endure, but it is the byproduct of accepting Him as Lord over your life.

—T.B. LaBerge // Jesus, His Grace, and the Gospel

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This is tblaberge every time he looks at his turtle and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Nailed it.

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Anonymous asked: less romance more Jesus plz (idk all your writing is great, but it feels like there's been less (overtly) about following Jesus lately, and I miss seeing your insights.)

I write what is on my heart, and if I write about Jesus it is because the Spirit is leading me to talk about Him. I speak of Him as much as I can, and I hope my actions show His love. Jesus is the best thing to talk about, and I appreciate you wanting more of Him. But I will not write about Him if I am not led to do so, that being the case, I love you and Christ is super excited that you are eager to hear more about Him. The Bible is an amazing place to have your hunger fed, I suggest you seek Him there.

I’ll have more insights soon, and I am so glad that you follow me and that you love the most beautiful thing in all of creation, because I do too!


We want love, we want it to overflow and consume us, to make us something new. The important thing to remember is that we must not let that fire go out, because it’s nice to want love, but to keep it alive is what love is all about. To feed the flames of love, is to feed the flames of the soul; to pursue and encounter, to cherish and engage, this is the heart of love, this is the heart of life.

—T.B. LaBerge // Go Now



feel free to skip to certain questions

1. Describe an experience in which you changed your thinking about something or someone?

2. What are your favorite memories from [Bible school]

3. Do you ever think about what you would name a future child

4. Do you want to always be a youth pastor or are you striving for something else?

5. What’s your favorite thing about tumblr?

6. If you HAD to choose one, would you rather be a professional ballet dancer or interpretive dancer?

7. Favorite poets, well known or otherwise?

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Get to know my friend, Patrick. He is a smart guy, he also has a rabbit and I could listen to him forever.

Anonymous asked: How do you conquer the memories that keep hurting you?

By remembering that they are in the past, and that they will only hurt me if I travel back to them. Don’t take that road, and when you see signs that point you back to those memories, just keep looking ahead. You are not the past, you were happy before those memories and you can be happy again.

We have a future full of memories yet to come, let’s look toward those happier days where we will not have to see what was behind us. The only thing we should look back on is the Cross, and even that is in the past because our Lord is in the present with us, guiding us toward a better tomorrow.

Your scars should remind you that you are alive, and that you have another day to allow God to use you. So chin up, you are so much more than the thoughts you think, or the memories you have, you are Christ’s and that is so much more than anything in this world.


Perhaps we’ll find a place where we’re both ready; perhaps we’re both lost and we haven’t found the map to that land, but maybe… Just maybe, we’ll find our way there one day.

—T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You

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There is always that one person you know who is so beautiful and so amazing in every way, and you just know that you two could never be together because that person is the sun, and you are simply the earth basking in their marvelous beauty, sense of humor, kindness, wisdom, and everything about them. But man, you are just so grateful for them and the light they bring, that you get a little sad when they leave, and still you are happy that they are bringing light to someone else. Unrequited love is still love, and you have to just hope for the best for them, even if it tears your heart apart.

Gregory Alan Isakov

—3 A.M.


3 A.M. - Gregory Alan Isakov

say what you say, you say it so well
just say you will wait, like snow on the rail
I been combing that train yard for some kind of sign
even my on self, it just don’t seem mine

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